A smart and quick guide to set up your office

You might be looking for redoing your office space in the new city, Vishakhapatnam for quite some time now. Having been settled in the interiors of Siliguri for more than 15 years, your old workplace that is built with a limited stretch needs a shift, and owing to that, now you are looking for the best ways to reconstruct your company from the basics, at a new location.

Well, do you think your moving decision from Siliguri to Vishakhapatnam would be a bed of roses, without any hassle and confusion? No! Because planning up your office space with all your major office items, and getting new fittings and furnishings done would be quite a hard-hitting task to establish all alone. So, no matter how excited you seem to be or how happy you are about your newly purchased property, you would need expert involvement in your office moving journey. There are expert packers and movers in Siliguri who would help you to tackle the office moving operations efficiently and smoothly!

This article brings to you all that you need to know if you are also stuck in a similar scenario and looking out for the best ways to create an operational workplace, and therefore, exhibits productivity and success!

• Come up with a plan

Anything big and large is attainable if you work towards it wholeheartedly and in this case, when you are planning to organize your new office space, the first thing that you need is a great office plan. Take into consideration all the primary factors – your entire office space, the workforce strength, your budget permit. Besides, if you have relocated here to enjoy more space and liberty, make sure to run an assessment of the office items, the stationery, and office supplies that would reserve a place in your new setup. Do not forget all those major office equipment that you own and see, if moving all of that would be worth it. Make sure you straightaway dump the old and damaged ones from your office moving pile before you prepare your checklist.

• Visualize a new office idea

Once all of your office equipment and other supplies have reached your new space, you should have a clear idea and a plan of how you could provide a better office experience to your employees, who were not satisfied with your previous office setup. Come to terms with what their requirements are and what they expect from you. Focus on the operational needs, the infrastructure – from furniture to electronic items (devices and appliances), proper rooms and cubicles, atmosphere (disturbance-free) and air quality (healthy and maybe, scented), proper lighting established, with significant space for novelty (with beautiful artworks and display section, well-laid carpets, couches, and plant section). Remember, your workplace should have a happy, healthy, and positive vibe that establishes collaboration, unity, communication, and branding!

• Organize all the tools and equipment
Next up is you should have a checklist of items that you are looking forward to repurchasing. Inspect all of your office items (equipment and gadgets) that you have moved into the new office and see, where would they be placed. Ask yourself, “Do you need more computers? More laptops? (Provided you will have more staff than your previous office had). Have a look at all other office essentials like office landlines, faxing and printing machines, scanners, calculators, fire extinguishers, radio, microphones, postage meters, and photocopy machines, etc. See if the office security systems (cameras and CCTVs are in place, reinstated and running!). Nearly every office has more or less these basics when it comes to IT needs, but you can always look for extra items to incorporate in your office organization (additional office equipment and software, including HR system, accounting, and project management, among other smart business solutions).

• Look upon the communication stations

So, finally when you have got all the required things in place, and you are just waiting to spend a day in your newly established workplace, make sure all your communication channels, are effectively working. Check for the networking and cable set up, the power outlets, and other installations, everything should be in place. After all, when you have employees waiting in the loop to be allotted with their set systems, to the clients’ waiting for the next major deliverables, you cannot afford to lose more time beyond the specified hours you have opted for your office set up and arrangement. So, make sure your business is now fit and fine with all the communication channels in the working mode so that work does not get hampered. From all the connectivity software and business applications to mailing systems, everything should be well-established and simplified. We advise you to run final testing before the office gets into work mode. Visit every corner and room to ensure everything is configured – the network is stable and secure, applications and software are working, servers are established at every corner, communication is undisturbed, and data remains confidential.

Well, we have mentioned all the things that go into an office organization checklist and we understand, that is pretty major a responsibility. You have to look after innumerable things till the final date, to confirm your office set up decision is attained well. So, to ensure you do not regret things later, (because office moves require specialized techniques and expert observation, which you cannot afford to put in), we advise you to hire professional movers and packers in Siliguri.


Office Moves are tough. We do not realize it often, but office relocations are way tougher than home moves. But you can surely keep things organized and situations under control if you bear in mind the above-mentioned points that are specifically curated to resolve your moving qualms and queries. Other than that, if you have the assurance of the packing pioneers, the moving experts in your region for this job, you can have a happy and easy office moving experience, any time of the day!


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